BaadLands SheepScape 1.0 Web Demo

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This is a web-based demo version of SheepScape, a single or multiplayer game designed for mobile devices.  The web version is available for free while the mobile version is under development. You are welcome to play as much as you like. Send an email if you have any problems or other feedback. Thanks!

Basic Instructions

SheepScape has several different "levels" or scenes with more under development.  In each scene, the player is a sheep who has to reach the goal and pick up a trophy goal On the way to picking up the trophy, the sheep has to get by several different types of obstacles and has chances to earn money by picking up coins and bones.  The best way to learn about the gamplay is to go through the training.  Simply select  "Training" from the main menu.  Once you have done the training, go ahead and try solitaire.

Solitaire Mode

Solitaire mode is primarily intended to be a way to practice different levels and prepare for multi-player mode, but it is an enjoyable game in its own right. In solitaire mode, the sheep has 10 lives to get through a level. The goal is to get as far as you can as quickly as you can and pick up as much money as possible. Any of the scenes can be played in solitaire mode, but the First Level and PlatformLand are especially suited.

Multiplayer Mode

In multiplayer mode, players compete against each other trying to be the first to reach the goal. A multiplayer match consists of one or more levels (games).  At the end of each level, $30 is awarded to the game winner (or split if multiple players reach the goal.)  You can also earn money by picking up coins or bones, and you lose $2 when the sheep is killed. In multiplayer mode, there is no limit to the number of lives the sheep has. The match is done when any player has passed a $ goal (usually $100) at the end of a level. If multiple players pass the $ goal, the player with the most money is the winner. 2 to 8 players can play against each other, all trying to reach the $ goal. You can play the levels in order, ramdomly, or the same level over and over. All of the players play the same levels with exactly the same setup. Coins, bones and some obstacles move from game to game, but they are all the same for everyone in a match.

In SheepScape, as with many multiplayer games, there are turns, but all the players take their turns at the same time and they get to see how the other players are doing at the end of each turn. A turn is 75 steps by the sheep, or 30 seconds (whichever is reached first).

When you select multiplayer, you will be prompted for a user ID and password to logon.  Simply make up an ID and password the first time you visit and select "New ID" to get started, then create a game by selecting "New Match" or join a pending game if there are any.  When you create a new game, you specify the number of players and $ goal on one screen, than the match type on the next. Of course, when you create a game you need other people to join. When they log on, they will be presented with a list of pending games.  As the game owner, you can start the game once there are the minimum number of players.

Good luck!

Multiplayer mode SheepScape uses a server based on the GAming Services Platform (GASP). It is currently running on a relatively low bandwidth connection so may be a little slow.